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"I enjoyed your class - time just flew by. You have a style that makes learning fun and entertaining."

Kathy Ecknardt, Newark Group

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Victor Gray is a skilled presenter, trainer, coach, and author with twenty years of experience. Victor has planned, developed, and presented 1,000 speeches and workshops for 30,000 participants at 750 companies throughout the United States. As President of Lead Change With No Fear LLC, Victor offers customized and cost-effective programs that helps leaders and workplace professionals address their fear of change.


You’re busy, so let me help you move the selection of a speaker off your list of things to do.  As a professional speaker, trainer and coach, I understand natural human responses to difficult situations.  It’s common for people to fear confrontation and to avoid leading change.  Even when you have a clear vision of a desired change, it takes courage to step forward and do what needs to be done.

I have over 20 years of experience in helping people turn uncertainty into advantage.  Through my presentations and consulting services, I clarify in a user friendly manner the steps your leaders and work place professionals need to take to Lead Change With No Fear . 

My programs include:

  • Fearless Sensitivity and Communication Skills™

  • Manage Change With No Fear™

  • Address Conflict Situations With No Fear™

  • Handle Difficult Employees With No Fear™

  • Manage Diversity With No Fear™

  • Sensitivity Skills Coaching To Improve Manager Performance

Through these programs and my coaching services, I help your leaders learn how to turn negative situations into positive outcomes.  Your leaders will learn how to recognize and address their own fears in order to meet organizational goals. 

Any program to meet your needs: 

  • One-time presentation in response to a current situation

  • Series of presentations on one topic relevant to your group

  • Series of presentations on multiple topics

  • Interactive workshops that encourage participation between employees, managers, or employees and managers

  • Conference presentations on one or more topics

Accomplishing your training goals requires using a fearless approach.  No two meetings are exactly alike.  My approach will be shaped to the needs of your organization and the audience. My goal is to facilitate learning, personal growth and the positive change of each individual. 

I will be more than a trainer or presenter at your next event.


Contact me today at (888) 977-3257 (office), 414-839-8870 (cell phone) or Victor@VictorGray.com


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