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"I enjoyed your class - time just flew by. You have a style that makes learning fun and entertaining."

Kathy Ecknardt, Newark Group

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Handle Difficult Employees With No Fear ™©


Speaker, Trainer, Coach
"The Difficult People Expert"
Solve Difficult Employee Problems Immediately
Are you aggravated by the employee who bullies, complains, threatens, or whines? The “bad apple” can ruin the work climate and damage critical relationships in any workplace. In only 30 minutes, this DVD program and instructional manual will prepare a busy manager to address the difficult employee’s behavior and eliminate destructive and troublesome actions. Discover proactive solutions to deal with disruptive employees and their resistance to change. The DVD of Victor Gray’s live presentation and the accompanying instructional manual will prepare you to:

1. Address these employee defense tactics.

  • “You can’t do this to me.”
  • “I’ll file a complaint.”
  • “You’re picking on me.”
  • “This policy is stupid.”
  • “I’ll whip your #@%!”
2. Deal promptly with the bullies and determine what to do or NOT to do.
3. Recognize warning signs of escalating anger.
4. Redirect behaviors to implement change.
5. End the fear connected with leading change.

The Handle Difficult Employees With No Fear ™© Training Package includes:

  • A 30-minute DVD of Victor Gray’s Training Session, “Dealing With Difficult Employees.”
  • Instructional Manual that includes a printed version of the PowerPoint slides from the DVD Training Session.

This comprehensive Training Package teaches you to develop a winning approach to address difficult employee behavior.


VICTOR GRAY, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Victor Gray is a results-oriented presenter, trainer, and coach with twenty years of experience in handling difficult employees. Victor has served as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Education, the state of Wisconsin and the National Training Center. He has successfully coached leaders in performance improvement strategies.
Victor has presented more than 1,000 speeches to nearly 30,000 persons at 750 companies nationwide. Victor helps leaders tackle the tough they face — increasing productivity by addressing difficult people problems.

“Not only does the Manual serve as a workbook for the supervisor, it provides concrete tools and language for handling a variety of difficult situations with confidence and comfort…Victor Gray stands apart in that his approach virtually leads both the employer and employee to positive outcomes.”

— Ann Dee Allen, Director, Public Relations and Communication Wisconsin Institute for Certified Public Accountants

“Victor Gray’s latest product, Handle difficult Employees With No Fear ™ should occupy center-stage on every Manager’s desk.”

— Dr. Lyman Steil, CEO & Chairman International Listening Leadership Institute



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