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"I enjoyed your class - time just flew by. You have a style that makes learning fun and entertaining."

Kathy Ecknardt, Newark Group

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I Am Interested In Being Coached


Five Reasons To Be Receptive To Coaching:

  1. You are being offered a wonderful opportunity to improve your leadership or communication style, improve your ability to manage or work more effectively with others and create an improved work climate that will benefit your organization, your direct reports or team members and the work relationship with your manager.
  2. Success in the above areas will make you a more valuable employee for your current assignment and future positions as well.
  3. The interest your organization has in providing coaching services is considered quite prestigious among informed leaders.  Coaching dollars are not spent on people organizations do not value, but those that organizations do value.
  4. Many coachees experience greater satisfaction and less stress in that the job is being done well and to the best of her ability, without blind spots.
  5. Embracing the important concept of continuous quality improvement is our responsibility as leaders and workplace professionals—we all need to be more effective for the operation, our manager and our coworkers than we are right now.


Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I look forward to the possibility of working with you!

Victor Gray
Speaker | Trainer | Coach

Lead Change With No Fear ® LLC
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Who Is Victor Gray?

Victor Gray is a results-oriented speaker, trainer and leadership coach with over 20 of experience.  Victor has presented programs for 30,000 participants at 750 companies nationwide.  His customized and cost-effective programs tackle the tough issues leaders and workplace professionals face – increasing productivity, saving time and building relationships by addressing difficult people problems.  Victor’s areas of expertise include:

  • Sensitivity & Communication Skills - Develop skills to listen, share and understand others.
  • Lead Change - Adapt to change by handle resistance to change.
  • Address Conflict Situations - Learn valuable methods to address conflict situations.
  • Handle Difficult People - Discover practical steps to deal with difficult people.


What Are Coaching Clients (Coachees) saying about Victor?

Good Morning [Boss],

I was just reflecting on the sessions with Victor. I had a really good time with and learned a lot of different things and approaches to situations. He had me to list four goals and they were…  Learning the different communication styles of people and how different people interpret things was very helpful. I have discovered that when tension arises I have the power to put a positive spin on things. I have been utilizing the strategies already and avoided some negative situations. So, in short Victor was very helpful and I plan on reading more books to help in my development and to keep in contact with Victor.

-Coachee (Professional Staff), City of Milwaukee


What Are My Obligations When Being Coached?

Although not legally binding, you agree to meet the standards of the coaching program to the best of your ability:

  • Be honest, patient, willing and open-minded to change.
  • Do whatever it takes (within reason) to meet and exceed personal improvement goals that you and Coach develop together.
  • Accept responsibility if/where errors have occurred, and go the extra mile to help others do the same.
  • Demonstrate punctuality, complete assignments and follow up as agreed upon in the coaching session(s), including sharing your development plan with your manager or the sponsor. 
  • I can discontinue coaching at any time, and I accept any costs that have already occurred.
  • Complete the Coaching Follow-up evaluation.

What Are The Obligations Of The Coach?

The Coach will:

  • Treat the coachee with dignity and respect for their unique perspective, personal values and culture.
  • The coach will share proven alternative behaviors, new perspectives and skills that can and should be used for the Coachee’s success and effectiveness.
  • Respond in a timely manner between coaching sessions and after the coaching program.
  • As a trained and experienced work place coaching professional, the coach does not serve as physician or therapist.  Therefore, if issues arise that these professionals should handle, the coach will suggest that the appropriate professional be contacted.
  • Be honest and straightforward in working to address blind spots unknown to the Coachee.
  • Report the major findings or results of the coaching program and make recommendations to the Sponsor, but not violate the privacy of one-on-one coaching meetings and assessment data, except in those situations where confidentiality would violate the law or cause hurt or harm.



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