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"I enjoyed your class - time just flew by. You have a style that makes learning fun and entertaining."

Kathy Ecknardt, Newark Group

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I Want To Sponsor Coaching In My Organization

Dear Prospective Coaching Sponsor:

Thank you for considering my Coaching Services.  The following questions may clarify your organization's need for coaching. 



Do You have an employee that meets the following description?



1. Lacks the people skill to be successful (despite their best efforts)?



2. Can't make the transition to new levels of leadership or responsibility?



3. Frequently suffers from “foot in mouth disease?”



4. Responds like a dinosaur in today’s changing workplace?  



5. Acts like they don’t have a “clue” about how to deal with people, and their various differences in the workplace? 

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then the Coaching To Improve Performance Program may be for them and your organization.


The Coaching To Improve Performance Program 

This program provides one-on-one coaching to individuals or work groups that may have difficulty in working with others.  Often, this occurs because of the fear of change or not knowing how to adapt to a changing environment.  

I recommend alternative behaviors and help the Coachee develop action plans to address blind spots.  This proactive approach:

  • Can save time and money.
  • Address critical workplace issues.
  • Supports the organization’s quality, customer service, diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • And, helps maintain morale in the workplace.

This program is designed for managers, supervisors, lead people, team leaders, employees, and other work place professionals who have blind spots that hinder their work performance.   [Definition:  A Blind Spot is information the Coachee is unaware of (their body language, habits or mannerisms, tone of voice, communication or leadership style, etc.) that is known by others, that negatively impacts work relationships.]


Who Is Victor Gray?

Victor Gray is a results-oriented leadership coach, trainer, and speaker with over 20 years of experience.  Victor has worked with 30,000 professionals individually or in groups from over 800 organizations nationwide.  His customized and cost-effective programs tackle the toughest issue leaders and workplace professionals face – addressing the fear of change.  Click on the link near the bottom of this page to see my biography.


What A Coaching Sponsor says about Victor Gray?

“I believe the coachee definitely has taken your conversations to heart -- there's a notable difference in her responsiveness and interaction with others.  Congratulations on a job well done!”

-Senior Manager, City of Milwaukee


Common Steps In The Coaching Process:

  1. I discuss with you, or your human resources representative / management representative the nature of the performance shortfall, and help the Coachee identify strategies for improvement.  Common performance problems include the employee who “does not know how to perform” or the employee who “does not want to perform.”
  2. I assess Coachee needs by obtaining qualitative and quantitative data when possible.
  3. I meet with the leader or work place professional(s) to obtain their viewpoint, discuss the impact of the status quo (as appropriate), coach for performance improvement, and help the Coachee identify action steps.
  4. I follow-up verbally and in writing with your organization in general terms concerning what has happened and what actions should take place in the future.


What Are My Obligations As A Sponsor Of Coaching?

  1. Although not legally binding, you agree to meet the standards of the coaching program to the best of your ability:
  2. Support the personal improvement efforts of the Coachee and the assistance provided by the Coach.
  3. Praise and perhaps provide incentives when the coachee demonstrates new behaviors that meet or exceed expectations, and provide constructive performance feedback when the coachee fails to meet expectations they know how to meet.
  4. Offer flexibility when forgivable mistakes occur.
  5. Provide time and opportunity for the coachee to apply the new skills, if possible.
  6. Complete the Coaching Follow-up evaluation.


Why Select Victor Gray As Your Organization's Coach?

I am confident that I can meet the coaching needs of your organization; here is why:

  • Competitive Prices – My programs have been described as “national caliber” for less than the price of national consultants.
  • Tailored to Your Needs – We work together to design a program or approach to fit the exact needs of your organization, and address Coachee needs.
  • Convenient Scheduling – Services are delivered at an agreed upon time and place.
  • Responsive Coaching Environment – Your Coachee is heard, gets involved, tries out new skills.
  • Reliable and Proven Reputation – I have a solid track record of helping organizations meet their productivity, customer service, quality and diversity objectives.


Let's get started today!

Please contact me right away to discuss your organization's coaching wants and needs.  Together, we will identify the project objectives, and determine the desired behaviors of the targeted person(s) or group.  See the article below, Three Questions To Answer For Your Next Speaker to begin the planning process immediately.

Three Questions Article


What An Executive Coach Can Do For You



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